Pascaline Knight is a trans-disciplinary artist using printmaking, micro-publishing, writing, concrete poetry, drawing, stop-motion animation, and performance. She is now exploring the book object as  a vehicle for non-semantic narratives.

She holds a Bachelor in Studio Art from Concordia University and recently obtained an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design at OCADU, 2017. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Recently participating in micro-publishing Art Book Fairs such as Tirage Limité in Lausanne, Switzerland, and TOABF in Toronto, 2017, as well as exhibits such as GRAFF: Le Livre d’Artiste Repensé at the BAnQ in Montreal, May 2017. The Hexagon fellowship residency will be used to incorporate the Standard Cahier Canada student exercise book todeconstruct and examine the effects of standards and their consequences in our daily environment. Specifically, by using the red margin and blue lines to demonstrate how implicit standards (within language and technology) regulate thought. Knight hopes to make a bespoke version of her research thesis, in a small edition of 25 to 50 and learn to use the typography press.



“( i ) shall have a sense of humour at all possible times.” Paul Thek

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