How to Play Slot Machines

This article reveals information on how to play slot machines. It also gives information on how to play slot machines for beginners.

An Overview of Slot Machines

Slot Machines in Canada are featured on gambling websites. Such online resources have casino sections where this type of activity is located. The slots market includes more than 5 types of slot machines, the gameplay of which differs because of the features incorporated in them by the providers. Here are the main types of casino machines that are present on all sites for gambling activity:

Slots three reel
3-Reel Slots
Slots five reel
5-Reel Slots
Slots progressive
Progressive Slots
Video slots
Video Slots
Slots slingo
Slingo Slots
Jackpot casino

The odds of winning on a slot machine

The chance of winning varies depending on the slot machine chosen. A jackpot win can have a chance of as much as 1 in 5,000 or 1 in 600 million. When it comes to winnings, it is important to pay attention to the RTP. This value is in every machine and means the percentage of money returned to players. 

Early slot machines

Early slot machines

These types of slots most often have just 3 reels. They have often adapted versions of slots from land-based casinos. In these solutions, the gambler is not able to find a large number of pay lines and a variety of symbols, but these slot machines are easy to learn and can teach newcomers how to play slot machine games.

Modern slot machines

Modern slot machines

Modern slot machines differ considerably from the classics, as they can have 5 or 7 reels. Also in these slots, the game mechanism can vary depending on the machine. Slingo slots, for example, combine elements of classic slots and bingo, while in progressive slots a portion of each slot machine spin is added to the overall jackpot.

How To Play Slot Machines

The process of entering the casino industry is similar for all gamblers regardless of the casino chosen and the player can start playing as follows:

  • Step 1
    The gambler needs to choose a casino. On this point, an important aspect is whether the gambling site has a licence. Having a licence means that the casino is completely bona fide.
  • Step 2
    The player now creates an account in the chosen gambling platform. In order to register with the casino, a small form has to be filled in.
  • Step 3
    The casino customer tops up his account balance using the payment systems available on the website.
  • Step 4
    The client now chooses the slot machine in which to play.
  • Step 5
    Now the gambler chooses the spin denomination and starts the game.

What are the advantages of slot machines?

In 2022, the casino industry has fully migrated to the online space and land-based casino outlets are no longer relevant. The advantages of playing at online machines are outlined below:

  • A large selection of gambling machines from hundreds of options;
  • Slot tournaments online;
  • No need to go to a land-based casino;
  • It is possible to play from a mobile device;
  • Casinos provide bonuses that include free spins;
  • Online slots have higher payouts due to more customers.
Slot machine payouts

Slot Machine Payouts

Casino payouts are easiest to explain by referring to the RTP figure. The value of this indicator gives players information about the average amount of money returned to players. The gambler should note that this is an average value because if a slot machine’s RTP is 96%, this does not mean that the player’s winnings have to be constant. The way it works is that the more a casino customer plays the slot machine, the closer it is to the average payout to users.

Slot Machine Strategies

The strategy for how to play a slot machine is based on choosing the type of machine. This is because the playing mechanisms of the different slot machines differ. The sub-sections below provide strategies on how to play slot machines and win.

A Strategy of Choosing Progressive Slots

In these types of slots, a percentage of each gambler’s spin goes into the overall jackpot. The jackpot grows until one of the players wins it. These slots are chosen by players who want to win a large amount of cash at a time.

The Buy-A-Pay choice Strategy

Buy-a-pay gambling machines operate on the principle of a direct correlation to the size of the spin bet. The essence of buy-a-pay slots is that the higher the spin value the gambler chooses, the more pay lines become available. This type of gambling machine is popular with players who are used to doing a lot of spending with an increased likelihood of winning.

The Multiplier Selection Strategy

These slot machines have a multiplier function for winnings. The gambler can additionally spend a certain amount of cash on a spin and in the case of a pay line, the customer’s winnings are being multiplied by the selected value. In some slots machines, the multiplication value can be up to 10x. It is a risky strategy that allows gamblers to maximise their winnings or lose them all quickly.

5 Tips to Remember for Playing Slot Machines

There are important aspects to look out for when playing casino games, so we want to give newcomers a few tips on how to play casino slot machines:

Use the demo mode

This feature allows the gambler to try out the slot machine before playing for real money. The player can play for a while and decide whether the machine is worthy of his attention.

Explore the combinations of symbols

Each slot machine’s settings outline the available symbols and their combinations. The player needs to learn which symbols bring the biggest winnings and which bring the smallest winnings.

Beginning gamblers should not play complicated slots

Complex slots with 7 reels and a large selection of bonuses can be confusing, so the novice player should choose something simple to make it easier to understand how to play slot machines.

Don’t try to play endlessly

The player has to understand how much he wants to spend. Players should not deposit more money than they can afford in an attempt to win back. Such actions can lead to gambling addiction.

Take advantage of the bonuses provided by the casino

The use of bonuses allows gamblers to get more funds for games and free spins.

Slot Machines RNG

All slot machines, regardless of their working mechanism, operate on the basis of a random number generator. This means that every millisecond the gambling machine generates a random set of numbers according to which a certain combination of symbols appears. This method of operation allows each spin of the player to be independent of previous spins.


The gambling field in terms of slots does not have a high entry threshold. To play, gamblers can take advantage of casino sites that provide hundreds of slot machines with different game mechanisms. When choosing a slot game, one should pay attention to the RTP parameter and use the demo version. This enables the customer to choose a slot machine with a high payout and an increased chance of winning.